Sunday, 16 June 2013

Firewood special No2. Recycled art guitar for monster slide blues

So here is the second Firewood special. that I mentioned in my Previous Post
I really like the multi level designs and might utilise it in a proper guitar in the future. It really opens up the possibilities of what raw wood you can actually use to build a guitar with rather than being stuck on the idea of having a big chunk of ash or mahogany. Believe me this is as solid as a rock and sustains as well as anything. I believe there are 12 separate pieces of wood that make up the body.
Everything on it apart from the strings and the glue, paint and solder of course, is recycled. Even the pots and wires. The knobs are of an old hifi.and the machine heads are counter fit Grovers which work ok but are not the quality of genuine ones.


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