Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Indie Shape

This handsome devil is to the best of my knowledge an Indie Shape Real Natural Built 2003 in Korea.

Body is constructed from swamp ash with thin rosewood strips, two strips of maple another two thin strips of rosewood and a central piece of maple. The chunky bolt on neck is hard maple with two rosewood strips and a rosewood skunk stripe. It has a chunky C profile, jumbo frets and abalone dot markers. It has a typical strat set up with 3 single coil alnico Indie custom pickups, tortoise shell scratch plate, chrome Wilkinson WVP tremolo and chrome Grover machine heads. It is finished in a super smooth satin.
Indie guitars Where formed in the UK in 2002 by Keith Willis an Ian Carnell. Recently however they seem to have moved and are now based in the US. If they have been bought out or just moved I don't know.
This one is (reluctantly) for sale on my website although it's a stunning guitar and sounds great I just can't get on with the jumbo frets and it is a little on the heavy side for my liking. Although I should really keep it as an investment as it's an early model and in virtually mint condition.


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