Saturday, 7 June 2014

ShonKy box no 30 Pandora

Here is the Pandora 6 string. I built this to be like a compact Jazz guitar. I have also crafted the neck it has Acoustic dimensions. Ebony board and Stainless Steel frets! what stainless steel frets on a cbg. yes. I am now using stainless steel frets on pretty much all my builds apart from ukes and mando's. Firstly they are really easy to install. they don't bend and twist as much as nickel frets. the secret is cut them to size and round and polish the ends off before you put them in. Once there installed in the slots they require minimum dressing to make level. Also once you play them particularly with an Ebony board you will not want to play any other. The feel is super smooth and string bends are lovely. Also they will pretty much not wear. for the small amount of extra cost this is a no brainer.


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