Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rumbler Bass Guitar. OSB chip board top

A friend commissioned a bass guitar for there partner to learn on. the only trouble is I've had a week to build something. Luckily I have a few Bass spares in so didn't have any trouble there well all apart from a body so I made one from Ash with a OSB top. The OSB came from  neighbors shed and is about 20 years old so needed a bit of stabilising and filling. I have some modern OSB and it looks to be much more solid.
To make it a bit quirky I used some gold glitter paint which is clear varnish with gold glitter in it ANd was quite surprised at the effect. From an angle where the light reflects of the glitter it looks like a piece of beaten up gold and when you look at it straight on it looks like plain old chipboard.
The neck is an old Encore that I Stripped and Danish oiled. A bit of glitter paint on the Headstock too.
The hardwear and pickups are generic far east jobs.
Sounds pretty good I don.t think the OSB has much if any affect as the majority of the body is ash. Probably slightly mutes the ash if anything.


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