Sunday, 7 February 2016

2 recent solid body builds Reclaimed Oak Slide Blues guitar and an LP SG Inspired Yew Body guitar

These two solid body electrics where completed recently for commissions.
The first one is a solid body electric for mainly slide playing
Its built from reclaimed oak with a Maple neck through and a bubinga neck. The body was based on a parlour guitar shape but with quite an extreme cutaway.
The Customer wanted a Ry Cooder sound and wanted a goldfoil pickup as it happened I had a vintage Tiesco one in stock :-)
 He also wanted a rough and rustic look with originally an old tin sign for the pickguard and control plate but as original tin signs are at a premium price and repros don't really cut the mustard I managed to source an old bit of sheet brass for the job.
 It also features a Gretsch style filtertron pickup in the Bridge position The two are a bit mismatched output wise. I also decided on a hand carved german carve.

 It Also features a comfort belly cut on the rear.

The second was another singlecut with LP and SG attributes and to date the most expensive guitar I've built
 It Features a Body constructed of a Rosewood Centre Stripe with two Blocks of book matched Sapele then a rosewood pinstripe and English yew Wings.
The set neck is Sapele with a rosewood centre stripe and Ebony finger board with a 24 3/4" scale length.
 The Pickups are a Pair of "the Mule" Humbuckers from Bare Knuckle Pickups The Bridge and tailpiece is from Gotoh and the Machine heads are Kluson. The pickups are well respected and truly delivery the expected sound and it's nice to get the chance to use Boutique British made pickups every now and then :-) They are individually coil tapped too.

 Again it features a handcarved German carve which I'm quite a fan of it gives an extra Aesthetic line to the shape of the guitar.

Both went to very happy customers.

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