Saturday, 3 October 2015

Primitive Syle Diddley bow. 1 string cigar box guitar.

Here's another recent commission completed.
Its a 1 String Lefty. made in in a really primitive fashion. To get the effect The only power tool I used was a drill everything else was hand tools.
Made from a vintage solid wood German cigar box and a left over stick of maple. I used a  spokeshave to whittle the neck.
A Friend gave me some Deer Antlers that I used for the bridge, nut and end pin/ string Anchor.
I wanted to make a tuning peg out of the antler too but after spending a fair bit of time whittling one it just wasn't strong enough to withstand the stress so I resorted to using an classical guitar peg which I removed the button and replaced it with an Antler piece.
 the fret markers are roofing tacks.
to finish it was give a coat of woodstain. (Ebony and Oak thinned with white spirit.)
The last pic is of The new owner (Kev) who is very pleased with it.

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