Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ShonKy Trashpunk Junkaster

I made this one last year but never got around to writing a blog about it and feel it's worthy of it's own space on the internet.
When I started making guitars I initially though I would make them all wiled and wacky however that hasn't happened nand hadn;t for a while.
I had the need to make something a bit more artistic so hence the Trashpunk was born
 Made with  Brass bits and some broken xmas tree lights and a neck with a broken truss rod lot's of copper wiring other metal bits and odd guitar parts. Some old pine and a part of an Ibanez copy body
AS the neck was unfunctional as a standard guitar I came upon the idea of capo-ing 4 strings at the 3rd fret essentially making it a tenor guitar and having one bass string going to the headstock.
The four strings are tuned to CGDA and the bass string tuned to C.  The other Idea was to use an old microphonic pickup so I could get lots of sounds from the things I was going to stick on like the clock spring. I was almost going to fit a piezo pickup too but the kay is so microphonic there was no need.
Once I had put it together I stained it to look grubby and worn.

The overall effect is post apocalyptic like something in a mad max movie.  Turn up the amp with loads of gain and it sounds pretty apocalyptic too. tap the clarinet horn and the open strings just vibrate the clock spring and bridge really twang through the body too. and the feedback oh yes!
Oh yeah and it lights up too haha. It was a nice alternative Christmas decoration on my wall over the festive period.


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