Thursday, 15 November 2012

November Update

You may of noticed if you are a regular reader (Do I have any? Still no official followers sniff). That I have changed tho look of the blog. I felt it looked a bit stuffy serious and formal which just isn't me so I have a play around. Please let me know if you like the change.

Today I realised it's going to be difficult to work in my workshop as it was so cold. I have no heating in it though so I'm looking for a cheap mini woodburner. It will make good use of all those offcuts.

On the table at the moment is a First act Sheena which had a seperating fret board, broken machine head and missing bridge. I've repaired the neck and I am just waiting for the bridge to turn up. Typically I have a box of tunomatic bridges but none of them fit. It has slightly bigger post holes and slightly wider spacing. I can't wait to get it finished as I'm quite keen to hear it. They are lovely looking guitars, however, this one is still going to look a bit trashed.

Also on the table and not far off finished is a mocking bird copy, a new 6 string cigar box guitar and a tele-esque guitar Which I am doing a stained glass type montage with pictures of classic 70's Album covers.

Remember my Yamaha Pacifica. Although I had restored it, after a couple of weeks the novelty had worn off and it had been relegated to the back of the guitar rack again. I decided the neck for me had  past it's best. I had a neck from a Yamaha RGX 121z (3 a side) and all the cosmo black hardwear.
one thing that had never occured to me was the fact that my Pacifica 112j has got an ash body yes that's right an ash body. I have not seen another one. I sanded it to get to the bare wood. Given it a dark woodstain. put the 121z neck on and all the black hardwear and it looks so much nicer. and plays a lot better. the newer neck feels a lot more lively.  I still have to tidy it up and I'm going to get a black scratchplate. Once3 that's done I'll get some photo's up.
by the way as testament to Yamaha's build quality the 121z neck fits perfectly the neck holes where spot on although I had already filled them.


  1. Hello! Love this Pacifica mod. Hope you don't mind if I post the pic on my pacifica fans website. Cheers

  2. That's fine please link back to my blog. Cheers :-D